Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gustine Senior Portraits: A Park Like No Other

Posted By David

Another day, another attempt at catching up on blog posts.

So how far into your senior year can you wait to get your senior portraits done? That depends on your school's yearbook deadline. Of course, if you're not concerned about what your portrait in the yearbook looks like, you can wait until, oh, the week of graduation. Yup, that's right, Joe just graduated last week and had his pictures taken the Sunday before.

You see, mom wanted something to put up at his graduation party and since Joe hadn't allowed any professional pictures to be taken of him since before the eighth grade, not portraits, not school photos, nothing, she therefore had nothing to put up. After much motherly pleading, Joe finally conceded.

That left us little to no time to set up the shoot and get them something to put up at the party. We met on Sunday at a local park in Gustine, going to great lengths in our shooting to make sure that it didn't look like the park that everyone in Gustine knows. We got the "mom" shots out of the way and then Joe wanted some shots that expressed more of who he was. Out came the monster tank top.

Now, we had already tried to convince Joe to go into downtown to do pictures but, like most guys, he doesn't like photos anyway, so he wanted to simply stay put at the park. Melody took a few shots in the with the new outfit and I said, "Dude, we have to go into downtown with this outfit. Find a back alley or something." Thankfully, he agreed.

A splash of dramatic off camera flash, a photogenic subject, et voila!

We headed home, color corrected the photos, put them into an online gallery, got mom's 8x10 request by Tuesday, ordered a print from a reputable printer in San Jose, I picked it up on my way back from renting lenses in San Mateo on Friday and delivered it to their door in time for the party on Friday night. Whew!

Nice way to round out our 2010 seniors. Now on to 2011!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Merced Wedding Photographers: The Wedding of Adam and April

Posted By David

Seems like it's been ages since the last blog post. It's not for a lack of trying. We've been wonderfully busy with work. Course you wouldn't know it by what's up on the blog. There are engagement shoots to get up, sports photos, senior photos, another wedding. So much to do and such little time to do it in. 

Thankfully, Melody is on summer break right now so we get to play some catch up. Today we uploaded a new wedding to be proofed and I thought we'd share a few of the highlights with our readers. Now, it's been SO long since we last posted that it turns out that today's post happens to be the wedding of Adam and April, our engagement shoot from last post. 

Granted, it really hasn't been ALL that long. The engagement shoot was done very close to the wedding and of course there was a lag in getting the post up. So really, it's not nearly as bad as it seems.

It was a beautiful day to get married at the Bear Creek Inn, otherwise known as the Hooper House in Merced. And of course we've made the memory shine a little brighter through the help of some digital wizardry.

So much to take pictures of, and yet so little time.

Melody helped with the crafting of a last minute veil.

While Melody was helping with veil creation, David was showing the guys how to use the cuff links.

Loved how all the pieces fell together in this shot. The boys were in the right spots and one of them was even helping out my angles by reaching up.

Grandsons in their Granddad's classic roadster.

A handful? These two? Nooooo.

We'll end it on that note for now. Lots more still to come so be sure to add us on Facebook and follow the blog.