Saturday, October 31, 2009

Capturing Beauty

I've always been drawn to beauty. What's more, I believe beauty can be found almost anywhere, if your eye is open to it - the contrast of evergreen against a dismal winter sky; the lit catching the sun on a spider's web; a baby who has discovered the joys of their tongue; heck, even the sunset illuminating the dirt streaks on my livingroom window is rather striking. But it occurred to me last night that perhaps the reason I am so captivated by the art of photography is because I can capture the beauty of life through that medium.

When do most people hire a photographer, after all? When they are anticipating beauty in their life and want those moments to be turned into art. That is my personal goal: to not only photograph the day or event, but to turn those moments into an expression of artistic beauty. 


Friday, October 30, 2009

Rafael - Senior Portraits on October 10, 2009

This was our first portrait sitting after officially starting our business. Rafa was a former student, and his sister is currently in one of my classes. When she saw the photos from Melisa & Sergio's wedding, she told her mom that she thought Rafa should get his photos done by us.

An aside: when he was my student, he was something of a class clown. In fact, we had the Three Amigos - Rafa, Turtle, and Luis - and they made sure our class was never quiet or dull. Yet, on that day, he would NOT smile; he wanted to look "mature"... or maybe it was because his mom was looking on. Whatever the case, the session went very smoothly, and some great portraits were captured.

So serious...

To see more of this sitting, go to

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our New Venture

My husband David and I have always been rather self-proclaimed artsy-fartsy, hippie-dippie types. He went to art school for a time, and I used to dabble in oil paint. In his case, the market for animators disintegrated and I found that I didn't really relish the idea of having turpentine around our son (not to mention that I usually ended up with more paint on me than on the canvas). For a while, Dave got his art fix through graphic design, and I had a creative outlet as Gustine High School's yearbook advisor; however, it always seemed odd that Dave and I never had a mutual interest in any form of art.

And then a moment of serendipity occurred: a former student of mine asked if I might take photos at her wedding. They didn't have a bunch of money to spare, but knew I had an eye for such things and figured, I think, that any photos were better than nothing at all. I am nothing if not unfailingly organized and prepared, and so I set out to learn about wedding photography. A couple days before the wedding, I convinced David that he really wanted to borrow his Mom's Nikon and come as my second shooter. We had a wonderfully productive, exhausting day together, and this was the result: least one of the resulting shots, anyhow! Check out more from our first shoot at

The next week, I brought some photos in to work, as I was meeting with the bride to give her proofs. I shared some with a handful of coworkers and students, and people started asking if my husband and I "do photography"...

And thus began our adventure. We hope you enjoy our work.