Friday, June 17, 2011

Anna + Matt - Merced County Wedding

Posted by Melody

When Anna first called us for information many months ago, I was so tickled. See, Anna is the sister of Amy, one of the sweet teachers who worked with me in the English department at Gustine High School when I started there eight years ago.  Now, I am the only one left from those days in the department, and the only contact I have managed to maintain with Amy has been via Facebook. When I got the call from Anna, whose voice is seriously Amy's twin, I was giddy at the prospect of shooting her wedding: one, I knew I would get to see Amy again and two, I knew that it would be a pleasure to work with Anna if she was anything like her sister. After shooting Anna and Matt's engagement session, I knew these hopes would be fulfilled because the couple was just so sweet and wonderful.

And they were. While this wedding on June 4th looked like it had the potential for rain, the clouds parted for lovely shots outside. I also soon discovered that all of the family and friends involved in the wedding were as fun and delightful as Anna and Matt. Thank you for so much for letting us be a part of your special day.

This image and the one directly after it are examples of how David and I use light differently and create images that reflect those differences. In both images, the bride is in the exact same spot.

Looking on, a bridesmaid commented that Anna looked like she was ready for Bride's Magazine.

An element of her wedding day that Anna has always looked forward to was having her uncle drive her to the church. Alas, due to threatening rain, it was deemed unwise to drive the roadster, but Anna was still delighted to ride with her uncle on her big day.

It wasn't only the bride and groom feeling the love.

This little girl was very happy to find an untended bouquet/

Everyone was feeling the love at the wedding.