Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chris and Danielle - Stockton Engagement Photography

Melody here, trying to catch up on our blog before school resumes! This takes us back to an engagement session, which will shortly be followed with an entry dedicated to their wedding.

Chris and Danielle met with us on an afternoon in early June at UOP for their e-session. In all honestly, UOP is not our favorite location, mostly because so many photographers take portraits there. But we set off with this beautiful couple in an attempt to take portraits that reflected them, rather than displaying the campus.

And when I say that they are a beautiful couple, I truly mean it - they are beautiful, inside and out. Chris is a police officer and previously was awarded the Purple Heart twice while serving our military in the Middle East. Obviously, this is one brave fellow! He is also Danielle's Prince Charming, which is obvious from the way he looks at her.

He is not the only brave one in the relationship. Danielle was diagnosed with cancer, and it was under those circumstances that their relationship grew. From the loving way Chris interacts with his betrothed, it is clear that he absolutely adores Danielle, and that she has found someone who will protect, love, and honor her.

And Danielle? She is a crack-up! She has so much personality, it is no wonder she is a Lucille Ball fan - heck, she might give Lucy a run for her money! I was impressed by her radiant and charming disposition, as well as her infectious laughter and smile. It is easy to see why Chris became so enchanted with her!

If you think they are a sweet couple here, just wait for their wedding blog. I have never been to such an emotional wedding, where the joy was so tangible. Just wait - you will see what I mean!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Modesto Senior Portrait Photography - Model Senior Jessica

Jessica is our other Model Senior for 2011 from G-Town. As was the case with Thalia, Jessica shares our appreciation for learning. She, too, is in numerous advanced classes and is a leader on campus. She is involved in Drama, Band, Spirit Club, United Cultures, the California Scholarship Federation, volleyball... you get the idea, right?

But she is not your typical kid who is so involved in school that she is only involved in school and only focuses on things that are directly related to schoool. How's that? Here's how:

1. She made accessories out of colored duct tape for formal - bow ties and corsages and boutonnieres - to coordinate with the colors selected by herself, her date, and her friends.

2. She would rather dance to "The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show" than the booty-bumping, hip-grinding rhythms so common these days.

3. She makes her own tutus in various colors and wears them to school over her jeans or volleyball shorts. This is not a typical senior portrait, granted - but it is sooooo Jessica!

Here's another tutu shot - not quite as eccentric. Okay, so it is. Maybe.

4. She has the coolest collection of crazy socks... and see-through plastic converse, which perfectly highlight those socks! You can check that out in the above shot, as well!

5. She has floating books in her room!

6. Jessica has a Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 that will never be discarded. I can seriously picture Jessica finding some way to incorporate Jessie into her very-future wedding as her "something old"... along with the duct tape bouquet.

7. She is so into Harry Potter, she owns a wand and Time Turner... and wanted to incorporate them into her portraits. Here she is as "Jessica Potter" ;o)

8. Jessica has done dance for years. Her favorite is tap. Here she is in her dance jacket from West Side Academy of Dance.

9. Did I mention she is really into music? She plays several instruments. MANY instruments, would be more accurate. One of them is the sax.

10. Jessica is simply a beautiful person, inside and out. Have a great senior year - we are so glad we get to create images of you two more times!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amanda and Dustin - Sonora Wedding Photography

It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to shoot Amanda and Dustin's wedding at the end of May. Back when we did their engagement shoot, we were impressed by the chemistry the two of them share and how lovingly they interact with each other. We knew that their wedding would be beautiful, as it is always is when a couple that is so obviously in love makes a lifelong commitment to each other. That love inevitably comes through in the images from their day.

That day also marked the first official day of summer vacation for Melody from teaching, and a return to the stomping grounds of her youth in Sonora. Amanda and Dustin had actually found a place she had never even seen - the Tuolumne County Historical Society, which has a lovely brick-enclosed courtyard with ivy climbing the walls and some gorgeous trees nestled about. What's more, the venue itself is free, though reservations are made for days on a first-come, first-served basis! Amanda then transformed the courtyard even further with details that were evocative somehow of the French countryside.

We wish Dustin and Amanda a life full of love and joy - from the way they look at each other, that wish is sure to be granted.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modesto Senior Portraits: Model Senior Thalia

What is a Model Senior? For some photographers it's nothing more than a pretty face. It's a spokesmodel - someone to go out there and represent your photography. For us, it's something more. Our Model Senior program is a competitive opportunity for a select number of juniors throughout the Central Valley to have the ultimate experience with their senior portraits with the possibility of getting that experience for free. But that is just the basics. Remember, Melody is an educator, and three of our parents either are or were in education. The power of knowledge is very important to us, and it's something for which we have a great deal of respect. Hence, our Model Seniors tend to share that value of education and love of learning.

Thalia, a senior at Gustine High School, is one of the most active young ladies you'll come across. She's a part of the volleyball team, was the captain of the Varsity Girls Soccer team, is the president of the senior class, and attended the COSMOS program at UC Irvine, where she worked on a project titled "What is the Impact of Interleukin - 13 in Liposomal Doxorubicin on Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells?"(Yeah, based on that title alone, I am willing to wager that she is one smart cookie!) She also takes numerous AP classes, and she is perpetually smiley and positive; really, you can just (FILL IN AWESOMENESS HERE). She somehow finds time for all of this while maintaining an exceptionally high GPA. She also has one of the sunshiniest dispositions we've encountered. All of these qualities make her an ideal Model Senior candidate, and we are already looking forward to her next session.