Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modesto Senior Portraits: Model Senior Thalia

What is a Model Senior? For some photographers it's nothing more than a pretty face. It's a spokesmodel - someone to go out there and represent your photography. For us, it's something more. Our Model Senior program is a competitive opportunity for a select number of juniors throughout the Central Valley to have the ultimate experience with their senior portraits with the possibility of getting that experience for free. But that is just the basics. Remember, Melody is an educator, and three of our parents either are or were in education. The power of knowledge is very important to us, and it's something for which we have a great deal of respect. Hence, our Model Seniors tend to share that value of education and love of learning.

Thalia, a senior at Gustine High School, is one of the most active young ladies you'll come across. She's a part of the volleyball team, was the captain of the Varsity Girls Soccer team, is the president of the senior class, and attended the COSMOS program at UC Irvine, where she worked on a project titled "What is the Impact of Interleukin - 13 in Liposomal Doxorubicin on Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells?"(Yeah, based on that title alone, I am willing to wager that she is one smart cookie!) She also takes numerous AP classes, and she is perpetually smiley and positive; really, you can just (FILL IN AWESOMENESS HERE). She somehow finds time for all of this while maintaining an exceptionally high GPA. She also has one of the sunshiniest dispositions we've encountered. All of these qualities make her an ideal Model Senior candidate, and we are already looking forward to her next session.

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