Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Our last wedding of 2011. Thinking back on all of the weddings that we had the pleasure of shooting this year, one thing sticks out in my mind and that was our uncanny good luck when it came to weather. It seemed like every time the forecast would schedule rain, Mother Nature would step in and either push the storm in a day early or slow it down so it arrived a day late. This wedding nearly brought an end to that run of good luck.

Scheduled to take place up in the mountains at Shaver Lake, North East of Fresno, the forecast was not calling for rain this time but snow. So we packed up the car with the snow chains and headed out. And what do you know, the snow fell the day before. Two inches I believe it was. Just enough to blanket the ground in white, yet not so deep that it was a pain to trod through. It was also warm enough to keep ice and snow from building up on the roads.

It was as if this nature-loving couple had Mother Nature on speed dial and ordered up the weather specifically to go along with their wedding day. Of all the many details and high points of our last wedding of the year, I'd have to say that the most important was getting to spend it with such wonderful people. 

Here is to many years of happiness to you both.