Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Memories at the Twining Vine Winery: Nicole and John

Weddings are a swirl of emotion. There’s good and bad, anticipation, excitement, fear, maybe even some anger, and resentment from time to time (not everything can go right). By in large there’s usually a prevailing wind that pushes the day in a specific direction.

Every once in a while I run into one where I can’t hit on a specific emotion to take my cues from. There are so many feelings going in so many directions that you get caught in the eye of the storm. While in that calm center I pick out moments to capture knowing full well that as my back is turned I’m missing something else. That was Nicole and John’s day in a nutshell.

The location: the beautiful Twining Vine Winery tucked away in the Castro Valley hills, a place where Nicole’s father did plenty of work in the years before his untimely passing.

The guests: Friends, family, framed prints of missing loved ones, and most importantly, a baby boy just learning how to walk.

The stress: Nicole had stretches of time on her own with her new son planning and planning.

The joy: Finally it was here and now it’s all rushing by so fast.

My hope, as with every wedding I shoot, is that I chose the right moments, that what is pictured is what they want to remember, and that what they remember is filled with emotion. 

Bride and groom in front of fountain at night
Nicole and John afforded me some time towards the end of the evening to set up some dramatic photos after dark and I'm so glad that they did.

As I was face down in the bushes getting this ring shot, a guest stopped me and said something along the lines of, "You sure do get into your work."
Wedding cake with dinosaur cake topper
The most killer cake topper ever!

Those fluttery moments tucked away in a barn just before the ceremony.