Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Senior, Sassy Sisters, Smooches, and Something More

A couple weeks ago, we met with Alexandria at Moose Park in Modesto to take her senior portraits. She, too, didn't smile often, but her face lights up when she does.

The next evening, we met with Dru, Dri & Emily. Dru and Dri were meeting with is for an engagement session, and Dri and Em are sisters. Since Em was there, too, we shot some family pics, as well as some solos of her, too. At one point, they looked a bit like a cologne ad - you know, hot and sexy and more than a couple? I said as much, and they started hamming it up. All in all, they were a fun set to shoot.

Today, we did something a little different. Donna from Elegant Events 2000 asked us to go take some shots of an event at Sky Trek ... prior to the event. EE2000 rents dinnerware, linens, tables, chairs - anything, really, you could need on a table at an event. While they have been in business for a decade, they have never managed to have someone take pics of one of their events. That was remedied today.

Keep your eyes open for our next shoot - a combined family- and senior- shoot, complete with a couple of small pups for good measure!


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