Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bernice - Quinceañera Photography Turlock

Posted by Melody
A couple months back, my former student Lyzette (who seems to be involved in every other post here) contacted me about her cousin's upcoming quince. They had a photographer all lined up... they thought. Apparently, a young woman who was working for a mall photography studio was planning on setting up her own business and had agreed to shoot the quince; however, when Bernice's mom went back to solidify details, she had quit the job at the studio... and had left no way to contact her! And so, with very little time left, Lyzette wanted to know if we might be free that day. As it happened, we had a wedding to attend that day, but offered to arrive early enough to take some pictures while she was getting ready, some portraits, and some group shots, as well as to cover the church ceremony.  They were happy we could be a part of that part of the day at least, and we were happy to share in Bernice's special day! Happy birthday, Bernice - we hope your day was magical!

Here's my gratuitous Lyzette shot :)

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