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Carrie and Dustin's Vineyard Wedding at Harmony Wynelands in Lodi CA

Another wedding shot with my beautiful and talented wife, Melody! It was really important to take her out of semi-retirement to shoot this, and really, I don’t think she’d have listened to me if I’d told her she couldn’t come. (Not that I would tell her she couldn’t come, mind you, telling Melody ‘no’ does not do much for insuring that you live a long and happy life).

What was it that pulled Melody away from our two boys for the day after a long week of teaching? Carrie!

Carrie happens to be bride number three from a group of friends whose weddings we’ve had the privilege of documenting over the years. Amanda (2010), Monica (2011), and Carrie all met in college and one by one they’ve all gotten married. In fact, Amanda’s was one of our very first weddings and without hers to help get us going, who knows where we’d be today.

Circa 2010, painting toenails.

Circa 2011
Through each of the previous weddings Carrie was an absolute dear. From painting toenails to being the life of the party, we always enjoyed having her as a part of the supporting cast. So when she called up asking if we had a specific date free for her wedding I was very excited. Finally, time for the spotlight to shine on our friend Carrie, and boy did it shine. 

We have a very similar picture of her doing the exact same thing in Amanda's wedding.

Mom was all smiles.

Father and Bride head down the aisle at Harmony Wynelands
Bride and dad exiting the tasting room at Harmony Wynelands and heading down the aisle.

Beautiful light at Harmony Wynelands.

Bride celebrates getting married

Aisle shot at Harmony Wynelands
The light was streaming in from directly behind the altar making for some rather attractive lens flare.

Kind of difficult getting these two to pay attention to the camera, they were too wrapped up in each other, which is totally fine by us.

Bride and bridesmaid shoes.
Melody caught this super cool shoe shot while I was photographing the guys. Love how each pair has its own personality.

Harmony Wynelands wedding
A little shot of our couple with the winery in the background.

Another one of those sneaky Melody shots. 

Harmony Wynelands wedding photography
Smoke courtesy of Melody dragging her feet through the dirt. Shoes are ruined but it made for a pretty cool vineyard shot with the couple.

While others ate dinner I shot details along the front of the venue.

Loved the rustic picket fence along the front.

Have guests sign in on a wine barrel
Great sign in option for wine lovers.

Table numbers for wine lovers
Crafty idea for table numbers.

Harmony Wynelands tabletop setup
Simple yet refined table setting.

Platters for cupcake wedding cakes.
Cupcake wedding cakes. Carrie and Dustin used the top cake as the one they cut into, because really, who saves those things anymore?

Having Melody there allowed me to set up a light and test it before the first dance. I usually don't even bother when there is this much natural light available but it made for an amazing lighting effect that I love.

One more first dance shot with the lens flare courtesy of my light on the other side of the courtyard.

Dad got a little misty eyed during his speech. 

Dad's misty eyes led to Carrie's misty eyes.

This is when I typically use that light during dancing. When it's very dark out. 

Son and mother.

These two wanted to be in all of Melody's dance shots.

And our officiant was the life of the party with his dance moves.

Had to get a shot of all three ladies with their hubbies before we left.

From left to right, Jarrod and Monica (2011), Carrie and Dustin (2014), and Dustin and Amanda (2010). A great big thank you to all of you for letting us share in your big days.

Bride and groom under Harmony Wynelands arbor
Somehow got these two to pose for one last photo before we left.

Venue: Harmony Wynelands in Lodi, California.

Catering: Angelina's of Stockton, California.
Discounts: Everyone in the wedding party is entitled to a $200 discount for their wedding day.
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