Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Perfect Anniversary Gift

Just a quick post about something really cool I got to work on a couple weeks back. Two years ago today we shot Rick and Denise's wedding. It was filled with wonderful little details that everyone put a lot of time, effort, and love into. Just like us, they're big geeks and opted to go with Tardis blue for their wedding rings. As a big Doctor Who fan myself, I just HAD to get a good shot of the rings.

In the house Denise was getting ready at was this ancient dictionary with worn binding, and frayed edges. Flipped it open to 'love', set up my light, got the macro lens out and "click."

Later, when we did the showing of their wedding photos, Denise 'loved' this shot. "I want that on a canvas someday," I remember her saying. Apparently, Rick remembered also because a couple of months before their second anniversary he got in touch with me and asked if he could get it blown up that very same photo and put it on a canvas.

Now, if you know anything about our photography, you know I'm NEVER done with a photo. See if you can catch the changes that take this from a pretty good shot of wedding rings, to an even more personalized piece of art for the wall.

Wedding Rings Detail Shot

Wedding Rings

Sharpening, contrast, and all that usual jazz, but then I went in and painted by hand a little more clarity in our ring. Highlights and shadows were treated just like I treat them on a portrait and painted in individually. Then came the really fun part. I hated the prominence of "Louvre Boards" in the shot. Took a while to find a convincing font and even longer to get it to lay just right. But I wasn't done there. This needed one more Easter egg.

Wedding rings as wall art

Christmas is coming. Need a great idea for a present? THIS is it.

Happy anniversary Denise and Rick! May you have many more to come. 

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