Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Perrieras: Gustine Family Portraits

  So, as we've said before, we have a lot of catching up to do. I'll (David) be posting an update with all the haps going on with Melody and David Photography. It has meant many a sleepless night, but we're making huge progress via leaps and bounds. Now let's look back to November and take a look at the Perriera family portraits

  Ah, the Perrieras. These guys were a hoot, especially mom. The eldest daughter is a senior at Melody's high school. I believe we shot this one over Thanksgiving break. The high school was out for break but the college was still in session, taking midterms. That made it one of those lucky times when we could get over to the college during the week while they had the water turned on at all of their fountains.

  This is also when I first played with something that I told Melody was "magic water." It's a beautiful effect that lets the water all blend together as it rushes down. Without it, you get something more like this. 
  Note the almost murkiness of the water. Basically the shutter speed is set so fast that it is freezing the action in place. In the above example the shutter speed has been dialed down to 1/8 of a second. In order to catch it you have to have a tripod or a really steady hand. Luckily, I have a really steady hand. 

  As another example of how well Melody and I work together as a team, we've since decided that I get to take the "magic water" shots when we set up for portraits because I can hold the camera steadier than she can. Of course without her there to help pose, I'd be lost, so we combine our efforts and come up with some great shots. 

  We were also out there to take a few senior portrait shots of the eldest. I know it might not look it from the above photo, but the young lady is actually years older than the "little" brother. I can relate to this since I call my brother my "big" little bro. We scrawny people have to stick together. 

  While you get a hint of it in the background of some of the group shots, what you're not seeing yet is just how gorgeous the ginkos at the college were. Melody and I wanted so badly to get back out here before the leaves all fell to the ground. We even sent out a message on Facebook asking if anyone wanted pictures for free (no takers). We did get a booking with the Hills though, which I'll be posting soon, though it was a bit more chilly that day than on this one. 

  And then we ended the day on something new and fun for the season . . . A LEAF FIGHT!!!

  All and all, this was a great shoot. The funloving nature of the Perrieras got us to try some cool things that we've since worked in to our repertoire. I'm still a bit dismayed that we couldn't get the eldest into a tree, even with her brothers help :o) but we had a great time none-the-less. 
  Thanks to the Perrieras for a memorable shoot. 

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