Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

Posted by David

Here's the kick-off of our renewed commitment to blogging our shoots. (Keep your fingers crossed). We've been doing a lot of work on the website, our proofing site, our branding and facebook presence, and especially our photography. Why just the other day Melody and I were out in the orchard practicing with off camera lighting. In fact, the discerning blog reader will notice that the blog layout has changed a little as well.

While Melody and our son slumber, I'm busy tinkering away with HTML and adjusting image sizes. The new layout places the emphasis where it should be, on the photos, letting us post images at much larger sizes and doing away with the distractions in the sidebar.

In the coming days I'll be going through the "Labels" section and cleaning that mess up. I'll also be doing some backposting as there were shoots that we had a great time doing but never got around to blogging. My theory is better late than never. I'll also be hooking the blog into Networked Blogs in Facebook so that our many FB friends can follow the blog there as well.

Also, a huge thank you to the folks at ourblogtemplates.com for developing this layout and then providing it to bloggers around the world for free. I'll be tweaking the code some, but I'd have no place to even start without their laying the groundwork.

So keep a look out. We'll be popping around the corner with a new post soon.

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