Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends Are Family: A Ripon and Manteca Wedding

Posted by Dave

I'm substituting a lot of words for a lot of pictures on this wedding. Why? Because Marcy loves photographs. She loves them so much that during the formals one of the groomsmen chimed in with, "I'm just surprised to see someone with a bigger camera than Marcy." It was telling of how Johnny's friends, whom he counts as an extension of his family, have welcomed Marcy into the fold. 

While there were plenty of tears, from bride and groom down through the wedding party and guests, we're going to focus more on the smiles and laughter. Enjoy.

The ceremony was at a lovely little farm house in Ripon, CA.
Johnny lights up around kids. While many grooms have to be reminded to take pictures with children, Johnny was quick to seek them out.

Bride's maids jockeying for position.

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