Sunday, May 1, 2011

creativeLIVE Day Two

What’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned after two days of creativeLIVE? I suppose it would be that Zack Arias can read my freaking mind!

Okay, so maybe he’s not reading my mind, maybe he’s reading my blog!

Okay, so it’s probably not that either. Maybe it’s more like everyone, even someone that has been doing this for as long as Zack, deals with fear. His openness about it, his willingness to share and show all, even the shots he’d never deliver to a client, is refreshing. It’s an open invitation to be honest with yourself and to take a chance with whatever comes your way.

Something else I’ve learned is that you just have to do what you know how to do, and then build on it. On day one I tried to snap some behind the scenes shots and quickly gave up. Today started out a lot like yesterday when it came to taking pictures. I took a few shots of break dancing and was about to throw in the towel when I thought about the above and Zack’s mantra, “Know the limitations of your gear.”

Rather than trying to duplicate what Zack was doing, I realized that I needed to create my own shots. Hence today’s photos. I hope they turn out alright on your screen. I’m working off of my laptop which is usually used as a video player for our son.

Day three is going to be chalk full of business and branding, and it’s also going to be test day for the students gulp, and critiques (double gulp). Watching Zack and Meg pick us apart should be more than worth the $99 to download the entire course.

These ladies are hard at work monitoring the chat rooms. ;o) 

Producer Celeste should really be in front of the camera more often.

Head in a clean spot.


Quality lens care.

Okay, seriously, Celeste should be in front of the camera more. She has an open invitation to shoot with us in California if she's ever down our way.

I have no clue. An iPhone photo of and iPhone photo? iPhone users do strange things. 

The challenge. Who can fold the monster diffuser?

Not Zack. Which is why he's not the assistant. (Unfortunately I could, so I guess that means that I'm on the wrong side of the camera). 

This lady is way too much fun. 


  1. Awesome photos David!!!! thanks so much for sharing! And yes, I was having a ton' of fun! ; )

  2. Thank you, Kenna. This past weekend was inspiring to say the least. I'll be putting up a closing thoughts post later tonight after I'm done playing trains with my son. :)