Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Senior Portraits: Saint Mary's College of California

One of our favorite high school seniors is now a college senior. Say what?! Translation: I’m old.

Jessica is graduating from Saint Mary’s College of California this year so I packed up the car, headed out to the college and did some shooting with her. She was one of our ‘model’ seniors back when we were first getting started. How long ago was that? This long ago…

Hamming it up on our very first shoot.

Look at how tiny Aiden was. Awe…

Well now she’s all grown up. She’s so grown up that she’s actually making beer in her science classes, (thankfully, Aiden isn’t to that point yet). Not goofing around making beer either. Like serious, looking for a job as a chemist in a full blown brewery, sort of beer making. 

We took some shots around campus but she really came alive when we got to her home away from home, the lab where she spent most of her time. It was so nice getting to see her in her element and listen to her explain everything. My how time has flown by.

Congratulations Jess!  

Saint Mary's College of California Senior Portraits

Saint Mary's College Chapel Moraga Hill

Out in front of the Science building Moraga Hill

I had a great time taking doing these environmental portraits.

The tutu and striped socks might be gone, but she's still Jess.

5x7 announcements for the graduation designed by yours truly. 
There's still one more shoot in the works (Melody wanted to get a chance to shoot with Jessica too) so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well. Until then, congratulations Jessica! 

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